今天我有一个很棒的来宾来自Kat 迷上了波兰!  Kat is such a sweet heart and I love her blog, but alas, 我是 a horrible nail blogger and forget to post comments.  希望她能原谅我:)。 The other night when I was complaining how uninspired I was and needed guest post assistance, Kat was 的re, feeling 的 same way I was!  我们俩都没有受到鼓舞,也被挑战所困。 值得庆幸的是,Kat找到了一些灵​​感,并提出了这篇文章! 让我们看看她想出了什么!



我是 Kat and I blabber a lot on my blog Hooked On Polish! Alaina and I started blogging pretty much at 的 same time and we met on twitter a little while after that. Since 的n, I've gotten to know her and can honestly say she's one of 的 sweetest people in 的 blogging world so I was very excited with 的 prospect of helping her out with this guest post!

I know Alaina's style is usually more freehand nail art but that can get really draining and exhausting (trust me, I've been pretty uninspired after 的 31 Day Challenge myself) so I tried to do something still special but with a simpler execution.

I started with a base of OPI Dutch Ya' Just Love OPI and Milani Purple Gleam for my accent nails. On top of that, I layered Essie Stroke of Brilliance and Cover Band Sticks 'N Stones. Then, a layer of Milani Rad Purple and one of Nail Pattern Boldness Boop Oop a Dupe. Gelous, topcoat and 我是 done with this beast of a jelly sandwich! :P 

My poor camera freaked out with this mani, she had no idea what to focus on and most of 的 图片s came out blurry, which is good since it made me cut down on 的 number of pics. I just 不能 capture how much this shimmered, it looks like my nails are lit from within. I also have to say how happy I am that I finally have a Clarins/Fantasy Fire dupe!

What do you all think? Is this something you 将 try if you're burned out on more complex nail art?



This jelly sandwich is 华丽!!!! 我是 sure every single one of my readers can agree!!!  我已经做了一个果冻三明治,看起来像这样! I'm so happy Kat picked this for 的 guest post 因为 it's something I rarely feature.  Plus, 紫色 is my FAVORITE color!!!! I think that's why I love this so much...in conjunction with all 的 different sized glitters.  其他人怎么想?

Kat, thank you so much for 的 kind words.  我对这篇文章感到非常兴奋,很高兴您能够提供帮助 despite 也被烧光了! I swear, you read my mind though with 的 perfect manicure, especially since it's 紫色.  I always forget we started blogging at 的 same time, 大概 因为 your 图片s are more professional looking 的n mine!  您可能需要告诉我您的摄影机密! Thank you so much for this post....I am truly grateful and hopefully one day will get 的 pleasure to post on your blog!!!




嗨,大家好! Today is 的 first of a few guest posts that I will be featuring on my blog.  As some of you may 要么 may not know, I am a tad burned out when it comes to 的 whole blogging/nail arting thing.  I'm still painting, so I will be back, but for now 我是 taking a much needed breather.  我的第一位客人Lindsey来自 指甲4个假人。 林赛(Lindsey)是新来的博客作者,但她在这个可爱的小世界里举世闻名。 Her blog is adorable, her nails are amazing, and she is 的 sweetest person ever.  I'm so happy to be featuring her on 的 blog today!!!!


Hello Little Canvas peeps! I hope you don't mind if I take over Alaina's blog for a day! This is my first guest post so 我是 keeping my fingers crossed that I don't break anything. Normally you are all used to amazing freehand art since you're following this talented lady but 的re is no way that I could compete with her mad skillz so I 决定 to do something that I love and that's a water marble! I have yet to master this technique, 的 hardest part for me is getting a decent design in 的 polish. The YouTube videos that I watch on it all make it look so easy but 我是 just happy if 的r aren't any gaps in 的 color! 我是 pretty happy wtih how this one turned out though and 我是 happy to share it with you!

The polishes used here are China Glaze Gothic Lolita (if you don't have this color and you like 紫色, it is a MUST!) and Cha Cha Cha and Loreal Notting Hill Blues. For a base I used my go-to white of OPI Alpine Snow - if you don't have a decent white, get this one! If you were careful 足够 it's a one-coater but two coats will get you a 华丽 white canvas. For marbles though, you only need a single coat and it doesn't have to be pretty!

非常感谢您允许我在此处发布Alaina,希望您的读者像我一样喜欢它! :) Ta-ta现在!


我们都可以同意Lindsey做过FANTASTIC水大理石吗? 自从我发臭以来,我就发誓再也不要做水大理石纹。 如果您想了解我对这项技术的看法,请查看我的 水大理石。  Love 的 colors, love 的 photos, just love everything!  Thank you so much Lindsey and hopefully you will guest post again for me in 的 near future...and maybe I guest post for you??  We shall see!!!





bble ,,! 感恩节快乐!!!!! 你们都如何度过您的日子? 我将和家人一起吃馅,馅以及更多馅。 我不是土耳其人,事实上,我们一家人都在吃鸡肉。 For me, it's all about 的 sides....you know, 的 millions of carbs haha.  Oh, and of course, 的 pumpkin pie....how could I forget that??  Since it is 的 holiday, I had to give myself a festive manicure!

当我坐下时,我知道我想做什么。 As I am a sucker for a cute animal manicure, I 决定 I was going to paint little turkeys on my nails!  我开始在Google上搜索有关如何 actually paint 的 little guys on my nails.  I first found this manicure from 的 tumblr Wah-Nails 真是太神奇了。 It was just so cute that I 不能 even handle it.  It was too much though for lil old me to do, and I know 的re 将 be NO WAY I could get my nails to look that cute.  我回到搜索中,发现了另一个想法。  I 本来 copied a 我在丙酮冒险中看到的教程,但事实证明我的指甲很难受。 I didn't angle 的 feathers enough 我把火鸡弄得太大了……简直太糟糕了。 因此,在经历了一场灾难之后,我并没有放弃……我朝着另一个方向前进。

Here's how 的y came out....


  • 基础
    • 萨莉·汉森(Sally Hansen)-Golden-I
  • 闪光
    • 中国釉-闪光妖精
  • 火鸡
    • 罪恶的色彩-极乐世界 
    • 有罪的颜色-糖,糖
    • 佐雅-莉安妮
    • 乌尔塔-Sun Sational
    • Ulta-巧克力之吻
    • 罪恶的颜色-白雪公主和黑底黑字
哦,我多么爱我的小火鸡!!! Best part, 的y were super easy!!!!  With my nail art brush, I painted on 的 little bodies using Nirvana.  When 的y were dried, with my brushes and 的 feather colors, I detailed on 的 feathers around each of 的ir bodies.  Since 的 feathers bled a little onto 的 bodies, I outlined 的 turkeys in Chocolate Kiss.  Not only did it cover up 的 messiness, but it made 的 bodies pop away from 的 background.  With my dotting tool, I added some googly eyes, followed by a beak with my brush, and 的y were done!

本来我打算把火鸡涂在我的所有指甲上,但是我认为那太多了。 由于我似乎正在购买越来越多的闪光,所以我认为我需要开始使用它们,尽管我实际上不希望删除它们。我抓起了《中国釉》(Electrify)的“ Sinful Colours”南瓜香料,这是《中国釉》(Electrify)的偶像,并没有用我的指针钉上它。 哦,男孩,太可怕了。 完全没有让我的指甲像我想要的那样跌倒。 金色底钉上带有红色和金色闪光,看起来更像圣诞节。 然后,我想起了我的一瓶闪光妖精。 认真地,这是完美的秋季闪光。 它有青铜色/棕色闪光斑点和全息碎片混合。 它确实很漂亮,而且在许多情况下我通常不会这样做。 由于晕倒,我一时冲动从Sally那里买了它 definitely 认为我没有自己想要的。 认真地看一下 the blurry pic below.

Pretty, pretty, and really 的 图片s above kind of darken 的 glitter more than what it is.  I'm very happy I used it for this manicure, and with I used it more during 的 Fall months.  我还有时间...对吗?

您如何看待我的小家伙? Love 的m, hate 的m??  那金光闪闪的妖精呢...你的感觉是什么? 你做感恩节礼物了吗?我很想看看,所以你应该去我的 推特 要么 脸书 and share 的m!!! I 将 love to see!

To everyone out 的re reading this, I hope you have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends   Be safe and have a splendid day.  对于那些今天不庆祝的人,祝您拥有美好的一天!<3




Second to last day of pre-swatched posts before I gave up on 的 challenge.  噢,作为一名博主,我真是失败了。 Seriously, I feel like I left my followers and 的 other girls who I was participating in 的 challenge with down.  I'm sowwy =/.  我必须说,任何人我都不讨厌这种修指甲,但是我也并没有为此而he之以鼻。

For tribal day, I wanted something different, I didn't want to go with 的 traditional line, dots, numerous colors, tons of effort tribal nails which everybody usually does.  不久前,我的一个朋友在自己的Facebook上发布了Ikat指甲。 I loved 的 idea and it looked so tribal, in my opinion.  它使我想起了您在南方的旧地毯等上看到的那些阿兹台克人的图案。 我敢打赌,没人知道我在说什么,而且时间紧迫,所以我无法插入 picture here.

I put Ikat on 的 back burner, and well this challenge day was 的 day to try 的m.  让我们来看看....

  • 露华浓-梦想家
  • 朱利普-萨沙
  • 罪恶的颜色-白雪公主和黑底黑字
这些实际上很容易完成! 我从露华浓梦想家的底涂层开始。 From 的re, I added 的 white polish  with 的 nail polish brush.  When that was dried, I added Sasha with 的 brush.  Finally, with a nail art brush, I messily outlined 的 patterns with black polish.  我忘记了Sasha作为抛光剂有多漂亮,我需要开始更多地使用它。

克里斯汀来自 粉色和抛光 tweeted me that she couldn't 等着看我的Ikats。 After I asked if she had done 的m and she responded yes, I went and stalked her blog.  I found her 第一次尝试Ikats, and 的y were perfect!  Go take a look!!  I 其实 wish I used 的 colors she did!  对于她的基地,她使用了Sinful Colors Mint Apple,如果您不知道,那是我的最爱。 Dreamer看起来不错,但不是Mint Apple!

你怎么看? Love 要么 hate 的 ikat?  您还喜欢克里斯汀的薄荷苹果Ikats吗?

I definitely will be trying 的se again when 我是 out of my manicure funk.  I think my patterns were too large, so I think next time I'll scale 的m down.

In 的 next week (after Thanksgiving) I have some guest posts coming up from four lovely bloggers which I hope you will enjoy!!!!  我应该回到12月的个人常规发布中。 我有很多圣诞节/冬季修指甲的想法,这太疯狂了。 I am very thankful that 的se girls offered 因为 it gives me time to just calm down and not stress about 的 blog.  Love 的m for it.  希望您喜欢,我会在感恩节见到大家!<3




一天有两篇文章,与我不同,但我必须分享我的惊喜。 是的,一个完全的惊喜! Today, I came home from 的 store with my mom and we both noticed a package by 的 front door.  我们俩都很困惑 because 我们俩都没有下令,我们以为我父亲做了。 I got out of 的 car and looked to see that it was addressed to lil old me and 的 sender....OPI.  I was shocked.  I ran into 的 garage and ripped 的 box open as fast as possible...and to my surprise  的re were 8 pretty bottles of polish inside for me!  I had ripped it open so fast that I missed 的 personalized little letter from 妮可(OPI).

Front of 的 letter, 图片 I snapped quick and threw up on Instagram的.  How cute, Nicole I <3 you more than you 大概 <3 me! haha

On 的 other side of card was this personal message from 的 Nicole Team.  I entered a Halloween Manicure nail art contest on 的ir 脸书 page.  With 86 votes on my manicure, I made it into 的 top 5.  From 的 top 5, 妮可(OPI) selected a Grand Prize winner, who received 18 bottles of 妮可(OPI) of 的ir choice.  I was featured as a runner up on 的ir 脸书 page, which to me was a prize in itself.  As runner's up, we were never told that we were going to receive any prizes, so this literally was a huge 吃惊.

The contents of 的 box, four individually packaged nail polishes.  看到“ Krdshn Thrgh Snow”之后,我意识到我拥有最多的 likely received 的 Kardashian Kolor Holiday Collection :)  After opening up all 的 packages, sure 足够 all 6 polishes were mine, plus a top and a base coat!

Ahhh look at 的 pretties!  首先,我们有“我们来了” A-Karoling,一个 gorgeous deep 紫色 shimmer polish.  Really excited about this shade, it is perfect for 的 Fall/Winter.  Next is Deck 的 Dolls, a pretty shimmery teal polish.  我是蓝色,蓝绿色上光剂的吸盘,所以我相信这是我很快会爱上的。 接下来是我妈妈的最爱,“跟圣诞老人在一起”,一种深红色的闪光油。 This is perfect for this time of 的 year.  虽然我已经拥有红色上光剂,但对于我计划的一些圣诞节修指甲来说,这是完美的选择:)

闪闪发光! 所有人都是华丽,所有人都是光明的,我可能最兴奋地使用它。 如您所见,它是一种非常小的六角形闪光油。 The colors remind me of candy canes, aka 的 perfect polish for a candy cane manicure...so stay tuned for that.  Kardashin Through 的 Snow is a pretty multi colored glitter.  Perfect really any time of 的 year.  Can't wait to see how it looks on 的 nail!  然后终于闪耀了我从未 probably would purchase 但我很高兴能在《黄金冬夜》中度过美好时光。 I'm not one for gold polishes, 要么 bar glitters, but 的re is just something about this polish which makes me like it.  It might be that 的re is a tinge of purple in it.  不管是什么,我今晚都在使用它。

最后,我得到了Top Coat和Base Coat。 Probably never 将 have bought either of 的se since I just got a brand new huge bottle of OTD and 我是 happy with my base, but 我是 definitely going to try 的m!  另外,拥有备份总是很棒的!

我对这个惊喜感到非常满意,OPI对Nicole留下了深刻的印象。  I personally do not own any of 的ir polishes since when 的y first were on 的 market they contained Formaldehyde 我很过敏 I noticed that 的y changed 的 formula on 的se polishes and I will be able to use 的m.  What impressed me most was that hand written note from 的 OPI team.  It made 的 package personalized and, I don't know, it just was really nice to see a big company recognize a contestant.  I think it's also amazing how 的y set me up to be able to do a complete manicure from start to finish.  Obviously, I have base and top coats, but who knows if 的 other contestants do.

后 receiving this, I will most 可能的 be purchasing 妮可(OPI) in 的 future.  Can't wait to test 的m all out and bring you some amazing nail art.  非常感谢OPI的Nicole 对于那些在 the contest :).  老实说,这种包装再次点燃了我对抛光剂的热爱。 :)




Welcome to Day 20, Delicate Print day, and one of 的 pre-swatched posts from before I gave up on 的 challenge.  I'm pretty sure that this is my least favorite day of 的 whole challenge, as well we all could see all of 的m shortly became.  Why?  Well, 因为 I had no stinking clue what a delicate print was.  我在网上找到的所有东西都是通过邮票完成的,或者是使用更适合春天的浅色柔和的颜色。 我很想为这种修指甲染上深色。

在获得许多好主意之后,我去了Pinterest并开始搜索。 我发现一个非常漂亮的海军蓝色修指甲,上面有白色轮廓的心。 I 决定 that was going to be my delicate print, until it quickly turned into a disasticure.  I re-did 的 one nail and began thinking again.  While searching 的 blogs, I came across another design by 妮可(Nicole),年轻,狂野和打磨.  It was 的 design she used for her blue day during 的 31 day challenge: 深蓝色的玛尼,点缀着漂亮的花朵,法国风情.  I thought it was pretty delicate, so I 决定 I was going to practice my dotting skills some more and copy another one of her manicures.

后 dotting on one flower though, my mind started working, and I came up with something a little different. Let's take a look-see. Yay for me not flooding my cuticles! haha

Working through trying to take indoor shots since it really hasn't been sunny all 的 time.  Over 的 next few weeks 我是 大概 going to have less photos unless it's sunny out.  在这篇文章中包括一个,以了解你们的想法,或者您对拍摄内部照片有任何技巧或指示。

  • 罪恶的色彩-贵金属
  • 罪恶的颜色-白雪公主
  • 罪恶的色彩-巴厘岛雾
漂亮精致,对不对? After putting on 的 one flower, realizing it was too big and it 将 be hard to do others on my lil nubbins, I started painting random designs.  Instead of doing it on all 的 nails, I french tipped 的 rest of 的 nails with a little swirlish henna design.  有点完美地融合在一起。

For 的 base, I used one of my new favorite polishes, Sinful Colors Precious Metal.  I 采购d this polish during 的 last Walgreens Sinful Colors .99 cent sale.  我真的不确定何时或是否要使用它,但是我花了0.99美分 couldn't 说不,我是蓝色指甲油的吸盘。 This polish is so pretty, and really one of 的 reasons I love Sinful Colors.  They're never 的 same, always unique, and a perfect bargain   这种抛光剂是深蓝色的华丽抛光剂,具有许多闪闪发光的斑点,使其具有金属光泽。 我穿了三件大衣,完全遮盖住了,因为那是一点点纯粹。 It's just so pretty, and I can't wait to use this polish again throughout 的 winter.  总计为0.99美分的惊喜。 啊,我不能停止看着它!

后 looking at Nicole's post again, I think it might be safe to say it's a close dupe of 的 可能belline polish she used in her post.  我可能要sn个瓶子去做 a comparison   我可能很难做,因为我所做的一切都需要美甲哈哈。

In 的 end, I love how this manicure turned out.  Love 的 white on 的 blue, 的 pink Bali Mist as 的 center of 的 flower, and 的 delicate henna design on the other nails.  What do you think?  Does it pass 的 delicate print challenge?

Don't forget to check out 的 other lovely ladies!




As you all know, I am in 的 middle of 的 31 Day Challenge with some other lovely bloggers.  I've been an overachiever throughout 的 challenge and have had many manicures pre-swatched.  I think as of right now 我是 up to 的 galaxy nails.  无论如何,今晚当我坐下来做《大自然的启发》时,我遇到了很大的障碍。 我的第一次修指甲可能不是修指甲,但我认为是。 Okay, well it might not have been, I messed up one nail and instead of continuing on, I changed up 的 idea, and really had a disaster on my nails.  我妈妈喜欢它,但事实并非如此。 我真的很讨厌看它。 I 的n thought "okay, I'll move on, I will do "Nautical Inspiration.""  Yeah, okay, that came out even worse than 的 nature one.  I ran to 的 remover and took it off.  

I now have my third manicure on for 的 night, and equally hate it as much as 的 other two.  确实,在这一点上,我讨厌指甲油和指甲油。 I look at my stash and I want to throw it in 的 trash.  我永远不想对自己的指甲油或指甲油有这种感觉。 I found myself tonight looking at my last few manicures (okay 的 flower one and 的 animal one were awesome) and really hating 的m.  我的指甲上没有什么令我感到骄傲的东西。

原因是...嗯,我不是100%积极的,但这可能就是挑战。  I've felt like 我是 thrown into a box...given a list of ideas (some which we switched out from 的 要么 iginal challenge) that I must stick to, and I kind of hate it.  我觉得这剥夺了我的创造力。 有一些激动人心的创意让我兴奋不已(视频游戏,电影,图案)。 As of right now though, 我是 sitting looking at all of 的m and 我是 hating 的 idea of being stuck to one thing.  

与此相伴,学校变得忙碌。 我有最近的几个学期,而且一切都变得很真实。 研究生项目,论文,复习板,毕业时间表...嗯!!! 我在强调一些我不应该做的小事情 stressing 关于,例如此博客。 小帆布是我的创意出路,是我的乐趣,是我的爱好。 慢慢地,它正在变成我的屁股上的痛苦,但是我不想要那样。 I've 决定, to ensure that doesn't happen, I will be bowing out from 的 challenge and posting some other nail art until 的n.  Also possibly getting my post up for 的 VoxBox I got also.

So, as of tonight, I am deciding to stop with 的 31 Day Challenge.  I will finish it...eventually, just not along with 的 other girls, and my pre-swatched posts still will be going up.  I'm apologize to 的 lovely ladies, I hope 的y understand.  我希望我的追随者能理解。 

一旦退出此功能,我将像往常一样每三天发布一次,继续为自己涂指甲。 Reason I post this way is 因为 I paint my nails every 3 days.  I feel if 我是 loving what 我是 doing, my followers will too...so here we go.  The Little Canvas is a bad blogger girl backing out of her challenge, and going back to just blogging for 的 hell of it.  

For those of you in 的 tl:dr crowd...here's 的 cliff notes:
  • I am out of 的 challenge 因为 I am all around stressed and this blog is becoming something I hate. As to not hate, I will be out of 的 challenge for now.  我仍然会画指甲,只是不基于挑战。

Well, that was my rant for 的 night.  Love you all and thank you for 的 continuous support on all 的 social networks.  <3 <3 <3




第19天,花钉……嗯。 我是玫瑰美甲的粉丝。 I love it.  挑战的第一天,我做了红色的玫瑰指甲,很快我就会得到一个:)的教程。 To me, 的y're easy and so pretty on 的 nail.  我永远做不到的是点花。 You know, 的 simple five dots and a center.  如此简单的事情使我难以捉摸,我也不知道为什么。 对于这一天,我想这样做。 I needed to master 的 dot flower and be victorious over something so simple.  如果我能做帝王的翅膀,匡威和猫头鹰的半个月亮,那么点花对我来说应该不会那么糟糕。

妮可来自 年轻,野性和抛光, to me, is 的 dotting tool, dotting flower, and water marble expert.  说真的,这个女孩是专业人士。 她所有的点都是完美无瑕的,完美的圆形和圆形。 我发誓她有模版之类的东西。 她的点花也很完美。 Each time 的y are amazingly perfect, cute, and ugh jealousy is now rising in me as I type this.  如果您还没有检查她,请这样做。 Love her blog.

我遇到了一些我真正喜欢的点花修指甲。 Since I had just had black on my nails, I 决定 to not try to re-create her 黑色和灰色的.  Okay, 的 real reason was that it was too many flowers and I was scared I'd mess it up.  虽然我的眼睛一直被抓住 pretty manicure she posted using 的 Essie Winter Collection polishes.  I had to do it.  Since I didn't own 的 Essie's, I ran to my stash and found some dupes.

让我们来看看。 我是 experimenting with shooting 图片s inside now that 的 weather is nasty, so please bear with me as I figure everything out.  如果您有任何指点,请分享! :) 这将是一个漫长的冬天。

  • 朱利普-罗宾
  • China Glaze - 我是 Not Lion
  • 罪恶的颜色-午夜蓝
  • 中国釉-仙尘
让我们来看看我是如何修指甲的。 First, I obviously found my dupes of 的 Essie bottles Nicole used.  我很久以前就收到了Julep-Robin的赠品,我在波兰Pixelle赢得了赠品。 I threw it in my stash, 因为 at 的 time, I really had no use for it.  那里坐着,未被人喜爱和未使用过。 For this manicure, I used three coats of it, and 大概 could have gotten away with two.  它应用得非常好,我有点不高兴Julep瓶太小了。 It 大概 will be used for this mani, and 的n savored and rarely touched.  I 的n grabbed China Glaze 我是 Not Lion and painted my accents with two coats.  天哪,喜欢这种抛光剂。

I 的n went out to 的 store 因为 的 whole dot flower thing was freaking me out.  I was so happy with 的 bases that I really did NOT want to ruin 的m by attempting flowers.  While at 的 store, I stumbled upon 的 Essie Winter Collection and picked up 的 bottles that Nicole used.  I was so thrilled to see that 的y were pretty much identical dupes.  为了幸福,我拍了一张糟糕的手机照片。 Check it out.

很高兴。 I 的n came home, sat down, and 决定 it was time to finish 的 manicure.  I grabbed a paper plate, and started practicing 的 flowers.

好极了! 毕竟不是失败! After 的 six 成功的 attempts, I decided it was time to try on 的 nail.  您难道不知道我弄砸了吗? 我的花太大了 并彼此靠近。 我不会放弃的。 I grabbed my dotting tool and tried again, and 将n't you know, I was 成功的ly able to do 的m.  And on both hands!!! See?! (Pro of using a tripod, I can take 图片s of both my hands!!)

I added some Fairy Dust to my Julep nails 因为 的 plain color was kinda freaking me out.  I'm not one for simple, my creams need to have some form of glitter for me to love 的m.  In 的 end, I was in love with this manicure.  它是如此简单和漂亮,我对此无可奈何。 让我知道,我不必做大量的指甲艺术就可以爱上我的指甲。 谢谢妮可允许我窃取您的设计! 

What do you think?! Are you a master of 的 dot flower?  Do you like 的 simple mani?

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欢迎来到第18天! Today's 的me is 动物印花, something I am very accustomed to doing.  我真的很喜欢豹纹指甲。 Whenever I've done 的m, 的y've been crazy and neon.  当我在Ryan的博客上时,我的第一只豹子玛尼很早 作为来宾帖子。 他们是如此的矮小和成骨,几乎没有清理。 看我走了多远。 指甲受伤后,我在小指甲上做了 豹纹霓虹黄底.  Shortly after, I did 豹法国技巧更多霓虹灯.  Then finally, as my last neon hurrah of 的 summer, I did 霓虹豹吃喝玩乐。 一切都很棒,都很时髦,但是没有一个是经典的。

对于这个挑战日,我 originally 本来要做长颈鹿指甲的,但是当我坐下来绘画时,已经很晚了,我不想尝试新的东西。 因为这对我来说很简单,所以我还是选择了经典的豹子。 Since my stash has grown since I started blogging, I realized I had 的 colors to do an actual leopard colored leopard print.  修指甲竟然是我有史以来的最爱之一。



  • 豹纹指甲
    • Zoya-Avery
    • 罪恶的颜色-极乐世界和黑底黑字
  • 口音钉
    • China Glaze - 我是 Not Lion
漂亮吧?  I really, really, really loved this manicure, but took it off super fast to do my candy manicure for 的 OPI contest (yeah that's right, this manicure was pre-swatched way before Halloween, 我是 a challenge cheater).  Kind of sad that I did that 因为 this manicure was just amazing.  比赛结束后,我将不得不再次做。

I think I liked it so much 因为 of how I accented this nail with 我是 Not Lion.  I 本来 采购d this polish back in 八月, and did 一个非常简单的修指甲 with it because 闪光真漂亮。  对于那些不知道这种抛光剂是什么的人来说,它是一种非常轻的金色小斑点闪光抛光剂,带有一些 holographic flecks as well.  In 的 sun, it's just 华丽.  从字面上看,如果没有,您需要找到这种抛光剂!

To do 的 leopard nails, I took Sinful Colors Nirvana and with my dotting tool placed uneven dots randomly on 的 nail.  When that was dried, with a tooth pick, I outlined 的 dots unevenly with Sinful Colors Black on Black.  I always make sure that 的 lines of 的 outline do not meet, meaning that it is not a full black polish circle.  I typically do one full side, 的n 的 other full side leaving a tiny section open.  On 的 open tan spots on 的 nail, I added some black dots with my toothpick.  涂在面漆上,并称之为一天。

你怎么看? Do you like 的 classic leopard manicure?  Love 的 accent nail?  想想我应该做的还是做一个完整的豹子玛尼?

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Day 17 of 的 never ending challenge.  欢迎波兰人! Today's 的me is stripes!  如果你问我,那有点无聊。 用条纹指甲做的事情并不是什么有趣的事。 I mean, I guess you could get some really neat manicures, but for me, 的 person who can't draw a straight line with a pen on paper, drawing one on a nail is even worse.

对于这种修指甲,我 originally 要跟随波兰我的妮可,拜托! pink and grey 格子 nail tutorial.  I've yet to do a successful plaid manicure, and well Nicole's tutorial was easy to follow, so I figured I 将n't mess it up.  不过,把它留给我,我确实搞砸了。 Why?  Well 因为 it was so simple.  请记住,我会尝试做的每一种简单的修指甲方法。 我实际上认为是我的颜色选择使它如此糟糕,但是无论如何。 I'll try again soon.

我去了Pinterest,发现 的se nails posted from 的 blog 波兰阿莫尔.  I fell in love with 的m way back when and 决定 that now 将 be a good time to attempt 的m.  波兰人Amor的结果更好,所以要当心。


  • 基础
    • Zoya-Avery
  • 条纹
    • 罪恶的颜色-甜梦,无花果,午夜蓝,爸爸的女孩
  • 闪光
    • 中国釉-仙尘
Okay, maybe 的y didn't turn out that bad.  我首先从在Avery的基座上绘画开始。 From 的re, I added my lines with my nail art brushes.  I tried to unevenly add 的m, but I don't know 的y all blended and blurred together.  When 的 stripes were dried, I added some Fairy Dust over 的 top.

其他人的仙尘是否需要30年才能干燥? Of course, I added some Out 的 Door on top of 的se, but 的 Fairy Dust was still wet and i smudged and pulled my nails.  It was lame.


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Welcome back to 的 31 Day Challenge!  I enjoyed my week off to do some holiday 的med manicures.  你喜欢我的万圣节周吗? 我等不及圣诞节了! 我有很多修指甲的计划。 I wonder how many of 的m will make it to 的 blog 要么 on my nails.  好吧,这只是一点点的距离,所以我有一些时间来思考,计划和预样:)

Today is Day 16, which means we have hit 的 half way mark!!!  第16天是圆点日! 我不确定为什么,但是我总是讨厌使用点胶工具时指甲的外观。 It might be a bit of OCD on my part, but if 的 dots aren't perfectly circle, same shape, 要么 spaced equally, I think it looks awful.  I'm definitely practicing, 因为 someday I want to be able to do some kick ass dotting tool manicures that look like 的y were done with a stamp!

当我坐下来画指甲油时,我必须像在公司工作世界中那样适当地工作。 现在,我从事两项非常专业的工作,很幸运,我俩通常都不在乎我的指甲。 这真的使我的生活。 由于我一段时间没有从事这项工作,所以我希望我的指甲能与商务休闲服相配。 比使用中性的黑色和灰色更好。 你怎么会出错? 等等,您可以像我一样添加大量的闪光。 I 不能 resist, but hey it was still work appropriate.  


  • 纯冰-在这里亲吻我
  • 中国釉-创造奇观
  • 罪恶的颜色-黑底黑字
这些指甲很简单! 首先,我在两层深灰色上光油上绘画。 晾干后,我加了一层(是的)一件“制作眼镜”。 这将是我最喜欢的亮面外套之一。 It's so pretty and adds 的 perfect shimmer to any manicure.  I own Essie Shine of 的 Times, a flakie, which is kind of similar, but 的 colors that bounce off 的 glitter are different 足够 that it doesn't matter.  To me, it's not a waste of money in 的 least.  Now  I want to use Shine of 的 Times...hmmm....

When 的 glitter was dried, I added 的 black polka dots with my dotting tool.  I did not want a typical polka dot, so I 决定 to do 的 tilted tips.  我认为最终看起来很整洁!

你怎么看? Like 的 color combination?  工作适当的美甲?

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